Stay Away From These Four Diets

If you have made a decision to make a change in your eating habits then congratulations. The fact that this area of your life is where you would like to change for improvement is respectable, as so many of us forget this eventful decision from our everyday life due to our hectic and busy work schedule and  we don’t even notice just how bad our choice of diet becomes.

Regardless of what your job, hobbies or objectives may be, the choices you make when it comes to boosting your body are the main foundation for well-being. That being said, our habit of depending on cooking our meals in microwave and even frequent visits at the fast food outlets only lead to lower performance in in our daily activities as well as overall quality of life.

Since we are faced with a trivial of harmful diets every day in our life, this article will not mention any specific diets to avoid. However, in this article we will discuss four key red flag diets.

  1. Extreme Caloric Restriction

One of the biggest error that a lot of fad diets make is motivating people to drastically lower their caloric intake from very first day. For example, the standard diet usually consists of around 2,000 calories. However, if any diet advises you to only consume, let’s say, 1,200 calories from the very beginning, then stay away from it.

This is a fallacy for a few reasons. First of all, the most important factor of any diet you decide to follow must be done with consistency. If you back off after a week or so, every diet plan ever created is not going to succeed. Do you want to know a great way to avoid sticking to a diet? Being miserable will get you there fast.

Another reason this type of diet is a no-no is the bodily response to acute caloric restriction. Sure, lowering your caloric intake is to lose weight. However, this should be done in gradual steps.

Unfortunately, when you quickly start eating far less calories than the body can absorb, you actually signal a sort of starvation response. Your body is practically hardwired for survival, and instead of losing excess bodyweight; it will literally do what is necessary to spare it. The end result: being hungry all the time and still not losing weight.

  • Completely Eliminating A Macronutrient

In case you are not aware, there are three key macronutrients: carbs, protein and fat. All of these key ingredients are required to repair and carry out vital functions. While it is true that consuming a proper ratio of these nutrients is helpful, getting rid any of them completely can be a mistake.

Many diets you will come across in life will promote the miracle of abstaining from a certain macronutrient for a long period of time. Just don’t fall in to the trap.

  • Weekly Or Daily “Cheating”

As we discussed about the importance of consistency previously as it pertains to sticking to a diet, remember? Well here’s the fact: a healthy relationship with food needs to be a lifestyle choice and not a short term crash course. You may notice, a lot of diets promotes starving yourself or eating things you dislike all the time before “allowing” you to have a cheat meal or day on the weekend. Essentially, you deprive yourself of enjoying food for days on end and the gorge on an unhealthy feast of your choice for one day.

One thing is true and that is if you stuff your belly with junk food, that may undo an entire week of healthy eating. Your body doesn’t just reset its caloric calculator every morning; there is no “cycle”. To extend on this thought, this way of eating significantly increases your chances of developing an eating disorder.

  • General Absurdity

To keep things simple and not complicated, if a particular diet sounds absolutely crazy then it is. Things can get out of hand in most cases. For example, consuming every single meal in liquid form or only eating celery sticks and quinoa for few weeks will not  magically phase out your charismatic figure.

Bottom line is, use your own discretion here. You are not taking part in a clinical trial. Any diet you decide to stick with must be a happy and practical way to start.

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